Watch Now. Webinar: Automate Your RAC Audit Process & Protect Your Revenue

Find out how to automate and streamline your RAC audit workflow, promote a more proactive approach and retain revenue!

RAC audits and denials of services continue to plague Hospitals’ net revenue. Incorporating automation now will streamline the processes of tedious reviews helping to further prevent unnecessary financial loss.

In part two of our RAC audit webinar series, we will explore the role that automation plays in an audit. Discover how to not only automate and streamline your audit workflow but also how to promote a more proactive approach and retain revenue! (You can watch part one: How to be Better Prepared for Your RAC Audit here.)

Watch our very own CEO Lori Intravichit, plus Rebecca Corzine Tarr, CEO of MedPerformance, and Jay Myer, Director of Business Development of PaperTracer, as they provide key insights into RAC audits. Their combined 55 plus years of experience guiding small to enterprise health systems through successful audits will prove invaluable as we continue our RAC audit conversation.

Watch now and gain insight on:
Tracking Information
Response Time Reporting
Audit Results Reporting

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