Watch Now. Webinar: How to be Better Prepared for Your RAC Audit

RAC audit management can be dreadful! The audit process often steals valuable time that could be better spent in billing and collecting. All the while leaving unnecessary time and financial losses in its wake.

What if you could unlock the process secrets of RAC audits? What if there were keys that would allow you to productively respond to audit requests and even prevent audits?

Watch our very own CEO Lori Intravichit, plus Rebecca Corzine Tarr, CEO of MedPerformance, and Jay Myer
Director of Business Development of PaperTracer, as they provide key insights into RAC audits from their combined 55 years of experience. Listen to their tips for success on how to break down the process of RAC audits and avoid losses, as well as how to circumvent future audits.

You will gain insight on how to:
Better Manage RAC Audits
Successfully Appeal RAC Audits
Avoid RAC Audits altogether

Sunlit Cove Healthcare Consultants

We provide management and consulting services to help healthcare businesses run efficiently. Navigating the dynamic and complex revenue cycle management is a challenge for many health plans, health care vendors, and providers. Our consulting services are available to assist with your day-to-day operations and provide expertise in growth and change management. We manage all aspects of your enterprise from the development of the revenue cycle management process to the completion of your business cycle.

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