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Recognition for the necessary process improvement is very often overlooked and only identified because of inadequate results. In the continually changing healthcare environment, ongoing identifications of future process improvement are vital to a well-run operation.
Operations Management and Process Improvement

Sunlit Cove Healthcare Consultants provide the following services for Process Improvement, Procedure Development and Implementation, Training:

Assessment of the work flow in all areas of revenue cycle management

This assessment includes all areas revenue cycle from the moment the patient registers and receives services through the coding, billing and claim submission cycle. The communication between these departments is vital to a timely collection and accurate claims payment.

Focused review of PFS office process and coordination with all areas of revenue cycle management

This is a targeted review of the back office departments that include billing, collection, payment posting, claims appeal and vendor management.  The coordination of these departments greatly affects the turn around time of claims payments and their accuracy.

Managing complex transitions projects based on growth management requirements

Independent mentors for management and staff can help provide an objective review of the current process and procedures.  Often the management and staff are not on the same page.  This leads to an inability to complete needed process changes efficiently. Independent subject matter experts can effectively bring the staff and management to work together. The coordination of process change will be the responsibility of the project manager which allows the current management time to be able to lead the transition. The project manager will hold the burden of hands-on synchronization of the project details.

Provide written policy and procedures  including process work flow charts

Organizational written policy is a requirement for all organizations.  The accurate and up to date policies are vital to creating correct procedures and workflows.  Providing concise workflows that are helpful to the staffs daily work process can be challenging.  Obtaining additional help to complete the policies and procedures may be the road to efficiently success in your organization.

Video procedure modules

We provide training of the written policy and procedure to all staff members. This includes group review and one on one educational sessions. We also include train the trainer sessions so your organization can assist new employees to become effective staff members.

E-learning modules are also an extra add-on that can help employees review the processes at any time during their work time. The modules are custom designed based on your organization’s requirements.

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Complimentary Process Review

Let us review your "new-normal" policies and procedures and evaluate the long-term sustainability of quick pandemic fixes.

Our Complimentary Process Review Includes:

  • overview report on your current process
  • workflow chart
  • recommendations for improvement that you can implement yourself

Ensuring Our Clients Rapidly Achieve Their Financial and Operational Goals

Our focus is to help your business grow and run smoothly. We understand the challenges faced with the claims processing and recovery environment. Sunlit Cove Healthcare Consultants provide professional subjects matter experts in the healthcare industry to enhance your business. Our consulting services are available to assist with your day-to-day operations and provide expertise in growth and change management.

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Revenue Cycle Administrative Services

Our focus is to help your business grow and run smoothly. We understand the challenges faced within the claims processing and recovery environments. We understand the need to expand telehealth services in our current situation. Telehealth is working, but only if integrated with the right infrastructure and processes.

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Our team of experts at Sunlit Cove Healthcare Consulting have a diverse skillset which allows us to focus on the unique challenges facing the healthcare industry and private or nonprofit physicians’ practices today. Our combined years of expertise in healthcare administration enables us to effectively analyze constraints, problem areas, and challenges.

Lori Intravichit

Leadership | CEO

Lori Intravichit is the CEO of Sunlit Cove Healthcare Consultants. She has more than 25 years of healthcare experience. Lori has extensive experience in healthcare administration in senior management roles within both provider and payer organizations.