Positive Environment in the Healthcare Workplace

The Significance of a Positive Environment in the Healthcare Workplace

We have all been to an unhappy workplace. You know as soon as you walk through the doors when employees are not happy.  The employees seem disgruntled and unfriendly, the business is in chaos, or the coworker interactions you see are less than kind. It is most likely a result of a situation that is impacted by management’s negativity. The environment that managers leave on the business goes beyond the break room and almost always overflows into the workspace. It is important to maintain a positive environment in the healthcare workplace.

Based on Medical Management Research: The role of hospital managers in quality and patient safety: a systematic review:

There is evidence that managers' time spent at work can influence quality and safety clinical outcomes, processes and performance.

From the young minimum wage workers at your drive through, to a family owned and operated accounting office, on your local police force, or even in a medical office, unhappy work environments can happen in any field! Below we have listed a few signs of a negative work environment that can help you fix the problems before they get out of hand!

1. Social: social interactions are important in almost every job out there. If your employees are not interacting – or are interacting in a negative way – you may have unhappy employees.

2. No clear leader: if one manager wants one goal, and the other a different goal, there is bound to be confusion in your workforce. Make sure all management stays on the same page and keep any tension to a minimum.

3. Work-life balance: if your employees are forced to work past their regularly scheduled times on a constant basis, you will have unhappy workers. Make sure to give your employees time to enjoy life outside of work.

4. High turnover: does your company keep employees long term or does it seem like you are continually seeing someone clear out their locker? Good employees are not going to stay in a negative environment. If you have a high turn over rate, review the companies pursuit of a positive work environment.

Policies, environment, resources, and benefits all impact how employees feel at their jobs every day. Unhappy employees most often grow from long work shifts, ineffective management, stress, arguments with co-workers, and fear of losing their job. Managers who take the time to create a positive workplace will ultimately retain employees and showcase a work environment better for every employee.

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