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Meet Lori in the Mile High City for the HFMA Annual Conference

June 26-29 | HFMA ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2022 | Denver, CO 
Colorado Convention Center

Lori in collaboration with Smart Source will be at booth 750! Stop by and say hello to Lori and our friends at Smart Source during the “2022 HFMA Annual Conference.” You can find more info about the conference here.

This multi-day conference is filled with great content and speakers who will provide insights into everything from emerging technology and payment innovation to the latest trends in revenue cycle management and leadership.

Agenda Highlights:

  • Innovating Staff Scheduling Through AI and Machine Learning
  • Rethinking Clinical Denials Management: Where do we go From Here?
  • Understanding Dispute Resolution and the No Surprises Act
  • Data Transparency in Revenue Cycle Management
  • COVID’s Impact on Workforce and Operational Needs
  • Tackling the Resource Management Crisis in Healthcare; People, Process, and Technology
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder: Using Analytics and Data to Reduce Denials and Underpayments
  • Improving Revenue Cycle Performance by Standardizing Denial Metrics

Visit Smart Source at Booth #750

Register for our Selfie Museum visit today! Limited to the first 20 registrants.
(Located 1 block from the Convention Center)

To register for the Selfie Museum Visit, click here: www.hand-holder.com/events.php

It’s a great time to discuss your goals together. Contact us here or call (727) 278-3009 and we can set a time to talk! We look forward to seeing you there!

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Sunlit Cove Healthcare Consultants

We provide management and consulting services to help healthcare businesses run efficiently. Navigating the dynamic and complex revenue cycle management is a challenge for many health plans, health care vendors, and providers. Our consulting services are available to assist with your day-to-day operations and provide expertise in growth and change management. We manage all aspects of your enterprise, from the development of the revenue cycle management process to the completion of your business cycle.

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