Lori Intravichit • CEO

Lori Intravichit

Lori Intravichit
CEO • Sunlit Cove Healthcare Consultants

Lori Intravichit is the CEO of Sunlit Cove Healthcare Consultants. She has over 25 years of healthcare experience holding numerous leadership roles in healthcare administration senior management within both provider and payer organizations. Throughout her career, Lori has worked in many departments and capacities within healthcare administration. The diversity in her career crafted a vast knowledge of healthcare administration.

Lori is able to see the “whole picture” with an objective view of a particular situation which can be a rare asset to many organizations. She is highly skilled in strategic planning, establishing priorities, motivating teams and the evaluation of needs assessment.

Lori has advised clients in multiple healthcare industry segments, including health insurance providers, hospital revenue cycle, multiple and single facility projects, and legal contract dispute resolution. Her leadership roles include: Director and Vice President of Operations, Manager of Provider Networks, Director of Utilization Review, Director of Provider Relations and Director of Hospital Payment Resolution.

Lori and Sunlit Cove Healthcare Consultants are proud to be a certified Woman-Owned Small Business.

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Process Review

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Complimentary Process Review

Let us review your "new-normal" policies and procedures and evaluate the long-term sustainability of quick pandemic fixes.

Our Complimentary Process Review Includes:

  • overview report on your current process
  • workflow chart
  • recommendations for improvement that you can implement yourself
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Revenue Cycle Administrative Services

Our focus is to help your business grow and run smoothly. We understand the challenges faced within the claims processing and recovery environments. We understand the need to expand telehealth services in our current situation. Telehealth is working, but only if integrated with the right infrastructure and processes.

Sunlit Cove Healthcare Team, revenue cycle healthcare experts


Our team of experts at Sunlit Cove Healthcare Consulting have a diverse skillset which allows us to focus on the unique challenges facing the healthcare industry and private or nonprofit physicians’ practices today. Our combined years of expertise in healthcare administration enables us to effectively analyze constraints, problem areas, and challenges.

Lori Intravichit

Leadership | CEO

Lori Intravichit is the CEO of Sunlit Cove Healthcare Consultants. She has more than 25 years of healthcare experience. Lori has extensive experience in healthcare administration in senior management roles within both provider and payer organizations.

We Deliver Custom Target Strategies


We Deliver Custom Target Strategies

We provide consulting services to help your business run efficiently. All of our clients are assigned their own designated team of experts, giving them the security and comfort of working with someone uniquely familiar with their business. We manage all aspects of your enterprise from the development of the process to the completion of your business cycle.