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Why Should You Join Sunlitcove Healthcare Consulting Team?

Taking a leap of career faith is easier said than done. Leaving the security of a regular paycheck and benefits could seem like a mountain you never even want to look at, not to mention climb. We get it; that’s why most of our team members start slow with part-time projects.

Join our team without leaving your current job!

Sure, it will feel like adding more to your already full plate, but, ironically, it can actually help you achieve that out-of-reach “work-life” balance. Now you have your project, something exciting that is yours, and it might allow you to leave your office job in the office.

Lori Intravichit, CEO of Sunlit Cove Healthcare, said:
All you have to do is envision where you want to go and what you want to do. Sunlit Cove Healthcare's working environment allows the team members to work as much or as little as they want.

With over 30 years of experience in revenue cycle management, Lori has the expertise and experience to mold the next generation of healthcare revenue cycle consultants! Working with the Sunlit Cove Healthcare team will give you the chance to explore other possibilities; it may even open up new doors in your career and personal life. Contact us if you are ready to have more than just a part-time job, diversify your income, and get a taste of a potential future career!

Here are just a few examples of the benefits Consultants enjoy at Sunlitcove Healthcare:

  • Work as much or as little as you want
  • Competitive pay
  • Work from home
  • Flexible schedule
  • Low-stress environment

Contact us when you’re ready to take the leap and expand your career plan!

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Sunlit Cove Healthcare Consultants

We provide management and consulting services to help healthcare businesses run efficiently. Navigating the dynamic and complex revenue cycle management is a challenge for many health plans, health care vendors, and providers. Our consulting services are available to assist with your day-to-day operations and provide expertise in growth and change management. We manage all aspects of your enterprise from the development of the revenue cycle management process to the completion of your business cycle.