How To Design Telehealth Processes

Telemedicine plays a key to keeping healthcare workers, including physicians, and patients safe in the middle of the Covid-19 outbreak.

According to McKinsey’s recent survey in April 2020:

Consumer adoption of telehealth has skyrocketed, with almost 70% of in-person visits canceled in the United States.

Lori Intravichit, CEO of Sunlit Cove Healthcare said:

The telehealth systems and processes that we are creating now will not only continue to define its role as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic but will shape the future of digital medicine.

That is why having a well-thought-out and effective telehealth workflow is crucial to your healthcare organization. A clear workflow will set the patient and provider expectations, ensure that telehealth is used for clinically relevant purposes, and also improve the patient experience.

Here Are The Best Practices Set By The American Medical Association For Ensuring That The Workflow Addresses The Entire Telehealth Life Cycle:


a. Patient Engagement and Education

i. Identifying patients likely to succeed
ii. Educating patients on the offering
iii. Setting expectations for use
iv. Educating on proper appointment standards

b. Scheduling Protocols:

v. Identifying appropriate clinical use cases
vi. Determining when/how telehealth visits will fit into the schedule
vii. Updating the EHR scheduler
viii. Identifying triage questions for scheduling appointments
ix. Ensuring clinicians are only providing care in states where they are licensed
x. Ensuring telehealth is covered in clinicians’ liability insurance


c. Handling patient intake, “rooming” patients

d. Supporting patient and clinician troubleshooting. Have supplemental clinicians such as nurses be part of the virtual visit.

e. Setting up the exam room so the background on your virtual platforms makes the patient comfortable.

f. Communicating with patients. Checking the best way to use your speakers or phones so you are sure the communication from your end is clear.


g. Knowing codes available for telehealth billing.

h. Integrating CPT® codes and appropriate modifiers into the EHR

i. Sharing visit summary and follow up care

No two organizations' workflows are the same, but all should include critical steps to keep in mind when building telehealth workflow. If you need to expedite telehealth implementation or simply need another set of eyes to look over your digital processes, sign up for a free, no-obligation process review, contact us or give us a call at 727.576.2903 to get started.

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