Holding Medicare Advantage Plans Accountable: A Hospital’s Crucial Role in the 2024 Rule

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has finally taken a step towards holding Medicare Advantage (MA) plans accountable for their questionable practices with the recent finalization of the CY 2024 Medicare Advantage Rule.

Lori Intravichit, CEO of Sunlit Cove Healthcare, said:

This rule brings much-needed clarity and stricter guidelines to the healthcare landscape, but its effectiveness hinges on a critical factor: Hospital Revenue Cycle monitoring.

The Rule: A Step in the Right Direction

The new rule addresses several key concerns surrounding MA plans, including:

  • Denying coverage based on internal criteria: MA plans can no longer restrict or deny coverage for services covered by traditional Medicare based on their own internal rules. This ensures patients receive the care they need, regardless of which plan they’re enrolled in.
  • Two-Midnight Rule: This rule clarifies when an inpatient admission is justified, ensuring patients don’t face coverage denials for short hospital stays.
  • Expert review for prior authorizations: Prior authorization requests must be reviewed by clinicians with relevant expertise, reducing delays and denials based on insufficient understanding of the specific medical needs.
  • Longer authorization validity: Prior authorizations will now be valid for the entire course of treatment and through a 90-day transition period when switching plans, reducing administrative burden and disruption for patients.
  • Oversight of utilization management: The rule establishes a stricter oversight process for MA plan utilization management programs, ensuring adherence to federal regulations.

Hospital Revenue Cycle: The Enforcers

While the rule itself is a positive step, its effectiveness depends on hospitals actively enforcing it. This is because:

  • Hospitals are the frontline: They are the first point of contact for patients facing denials for vital inpatient services from MA plans.
  • Activate a denial unit that focuses on the Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Identify your top 5 to 10 Medicare Advantage Plans;
    • Reach out to the Payers of the Plans to create an open line of communication
    • Review your Peer-to-Peer process for the Medicare Advantage plans.
    • Focus on denial prevention; review the claims and update the authorizations prior to submission.
  • Financial impact: Improper denials can lead to lost revenue for hospitals, further incentivizing them to advocate for their patients and enforce the rules.
  • Data collection and reporting: Hospitals have the capacity to collect and report data on MA plan denials and non-compliance, providing valuable evidence for CMS to hold plans accountable.

The Challenges Remain

Despite the progress, challenges still exist:

  • Internal compliance: Hospitals themselves may need to adjust their internal processes and training to ensure alignment with the new rule.
  • Collaboration and communication: Effective communication between hospitals, MA plans, and CMS is crucial for smooth implementation and dispute resolution.
  • Monitoring and enforcement: Robust monitoring and consistent enforcement by CMS are essential to deter violations and ensure the rule’s effectiveness.
  • Training

Moving Forward:

The CMS rule marks a significant step towards ensuring patient access to quality healthcare and holding MA plans accountable. However, its success is contingent upon hospitals actively playing their role as enforcers. By advocating for their patients, reporting non-compliance, and adapting their own practices, hospitals can ensure the rule’s effectiveness and create a more equitable healthcare system for all.

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