HFMA Region 5 Webinar Series – July 14, 2020

Join Lori Intravichit, CEO of Sunlit Cove Healthcare Consultants during the HFMA Region 5 Webinar Series – July 14, 2020! You can find more info and register here.

As we navigate these unprecedented times, the Region 5 Chapters of HFMA remain fully committed to providing quality education and is offering a full day of complimentary webinars to their members and non-members.

It’s a great time to discuss your goals together. Contact us or call (727) 278-3009 and we can set a time to talk!

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Sunlit Cove Healthcare Consultants

We provide management and consulting services to help healthcare businesses run efficiently. Navigating the dynamic and complex revenue cycle management is a challenge for many health plans, health care vendors, and providers. Our consulting services are available to assist with your day-to-day operations and provide expertise in growth and change management. We manage all aspects of your enterprise from the development of the revenue cycle management process to the completion of your business cycle.

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