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The Case For Interim Management

So much goes into running a quality healthcare system, but, when a part of that system isn’t where it needs to be or you have a mission-critical project on the horizon, interim management can help to bring your organization up to speed. Especially if you cannot spare anyone from your current executive team. It is also helpful to eliminate filling a position that may not be needed a year from now. 

Today, many healthcare organizations are turning to interim managers precisely for this reason and with such high demand for interims, many highly experienced executives are fulfilling that role. Healthcare organizations are crafting an efficiency advantage by obtaining highly experienced professionals to help them execute their projects and future goals.

Technology is a great tool as well and has improved healthcare management significantly but is still not an end-all-be-all solution. An option for improving performance could be to increase staffing and experience level of management. However, that can be quite costly and not always necessary. You may only need provisional management for a specific issue, project or transition. Often, outside interim management can help to institute the change that is required. Interim managers should be highly-skilled and well versed in how to execute and improve organizational transitions. 

Plus, interim managers bring a fresh perspective that can really make a positive impact. As the infamous management guru Peter Drucker once said, it is like having “intellectual capital on demand.” Who wouldn’t want that? 

The interim manager will develop a plan of action to address the challenges of your organization and implement the needed changes. The interim manager will assist the organization until a permanent replacement is found or until their role is no longer needed.

Interim managers are the fresh eyes and a voice to help the organization progress and improve quickly. When determining whether you need an outside interim manager, honestly ask yourself if you can devote (or if you even have) those kinds of resources to facilitate real change in your organization. Most healthcare leaders do not, which is why so many rely on interim management to take them where their organizations need to be. 

In the end, what most organizations need is the right expertise, at the right time, that is quick and effective.  The reason that the interim “on-demand” approach is taking hold in healthcare today is because interim assistance has shown to improve organization change management and create positive efficiencies. Embrace interim management and watch your organization soar. Learn more about the revenue cycle interim management process with Sunlit Cove Healthcare Consultants here.

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