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5 tips for healthcare administration on creating a healthy, efficient, and positive healthcare work environment

The American College of Physician Executives has reported that more than 5 percent of hospital CEOs are now physicians. That number is growing every year because of the new wave of “value-based” systems across the country. Medical leadership is quickly becoming essential because physicians relate best to other physicians, and those who can learn the organizational side can help the healthcare system break the divide separating the administration and the providers.

To help you bridge the gap in your local facility, we have combined 5 of our top tips for creating a healthy, efficient, and positive healthcare work environment.

1. Communicate

It is essential for any company to keep the lines of communication open between all employees. Open discussion can lead to amazing ideas that will make your employees happy. Employee to management communication should always come with an open door.

2. Reward

Performance related rewards, whether they are monetary or not, they are always appreciated. Rewards and benefits let employees know that you appreciate the work they do. If you give them rewards and bonuses, they will be more than happy to continue working hard.

3. Environment

While making a great work environment may be easier in an office versus a hospital, everything from sprucing up the employee locker rooms to increase the quality of food offered at the cafeteria can make your employees happy. A physically nice work environment can increase morale by tenfold.

4. Teamwork

Statistically speaking, employees like to work with team members. Create teams within your clinic and help them thrive. People who work as a team are more likely to work towards a goal together; they are also more likely to reach said goal.

5. Empowerment

At its most basic, empowering employees lets them know that you believe in them and that you can trust them to get the job done right. This sense of responsibility will help add to the positive work environment that is growing in your facility.

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